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The ultimate go everywhere ride everything bike, built custom for you! 

Ride Workshop Shimano GRX stock build option starting at $5000, with custom builds available to suit your budget and riding. 

The WI.DE. comfortably accepts up to 2.4” tires in 650b (or 46mm on 700c wheels) thanks to the double-drop chainstays  and a dedicated 1x frame design. The monster tires help you conquer the most extreme terrain, the performance geometry & narrow Q-factor keep you efficient while the steering geometry keeps you nimble.

Where can you ride a WI.DE.?

  • With 650b gravel or mountain bike tires up to 2.4”, rutted singletrack, slippery roots and loose rocks are no match
  • With 700c gravel tires up to 46mm, even the toughest gravel roads are tackled at lightning speed
  • With 700c road tires (we recommend 35-40mm wide), you have the most comfortable road bike ever invented